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This page provides access to certificates used to access services on this site.   We have certificates in four formats: CRT (also known as binary X.509 CER encapsulated in base-64 encoding), DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules) encoded binary X.509, PK7 (PKCS [Public-Key Cryptography Standard] #7: [Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard V 1.5]), and P12 (PKCS #12: [Personal Information Exchange Syntax Standard] container files, DER encoded).   Feel free to load the certificates in CRT format.   Should you require the P12 format, you need to contact us to unlock it.    We will only provide the way to unlock to people previously known to us, trustworthy, and have a valid reason for doing so.

Certificates that can be imported to your machine.
Certificate Name Used for CRT Format DER Format P7B Format P12 Format
Kramer Family Root Certificate Authority KramerCACert.crt KramerCACert.der KramerCACert.p7b KramerCACert.p12
Kramer Family HTTPS https (Web Server SSL) httpd.crt httpd.der httpd.p7b httpd.p12
Kramer Family POP mail (POP and IMAP SSL Mail) dovecot.crt dovecot.der dovecot.p7b dovecot.p12

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